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Lasting Power of Attorney Northampton

Lasting Power of Attorney are important legal documents. Without them, your family would find it almost impossible to deal with your affairs if you lost the ability to make your own decisions.

Our Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in Northampton is here to help you prepare and register these important documents.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney in Northampton that we offer.

Property and Financial Affairs

Health and Welfare

It is normal to arrange both documents at the same time however they can also be arranged at separate times.

Property and Financial Affairs LPA

This type of LPA allows you to appoint Attorneys to make important decisions about money and property – for example, managing and paying bills,
bank account, collecting benefits, a pension or selling your home. A Property and Financial Affairs LPA can be used as soon as it’s registered, even if you
are not mentally or physically impaired, as long as you have given your Attorneys permission to act.

Health and Welfare LPA

This type of Lasting Power of Attorney in Northampton allows your Attorneys to make decisions such as your medical care, life-supporting treatment, going into a care home or your day-to-day routines such as eating, washing and dressing. This type of LPA can only be used when you are unable to make your own decisions.

Keep Control of Your Life

    Without a Lasting Power of Attorney:

    • A deputy must be appointed to act for you
    • The courts would control who is appointed as your deputy
    • You cannot decide what scope of power is granted to your deputy
    • If a deputy’s application is refused, decisions will be made on your behalf by your local authority
    • Your family will need to pay to apply and maintain a deputy appointment
    • Jointly held assets cannot be sold until the court appoints a deputy. This could potentially lead to financial hardship for your spouse

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