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Will Storage Northampton

After your Will is arranged it is important that it is stored safely where it can easily be found.

We offer two types of Will storage in Northampton, Annual Storage** or Lifetime

Storage. When you choose to store your Will(s) with us, any future changes to
your Wills are carried out at our expense while they are stored with us.

For your complete peace of mind, our document storage is provided with a
leading professional document storage company based in the Northampton area and
in the case of emergency, free same day retrieval can be provided. Documents stored with us are fully insured

against loss or damage.

Our secure Will storage service includes free updates for life...**

If your Will cannot be found on your death, it will be deemed to have been revoked (cancelled) by destruction and it will be assumed that you
died without a Will.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Wills cannot be found on death and this
creates a major problem for the families involved.

When you store your Will with us, you can rest easy in the
knowledge that your Will is safe and secure and just as important, your representatives
will have quick and easy access in the event it is needed.

Annual storage fees paid by annual direct debit.

Our Lifetime storage is a single payment, once only cost.

Our storage service includes:

  • Unlimited free updates of your Will – you can completely rewrite your Will(s) at any time**
  • You will receive a fully bound copy of your Will for you to retain
  • Free storage of other valuable papers such as property deeds or life insurance policies
  • Secure professional storage
    with a leading specialist document storage company
  • Free certificates of storage for you and your Executors

**Where annual storage is chosen,
payments are made by annual direct debit. A valid direct debit must be in place at the time of the requested amendment. Where a direct debit is cancelled after an amendment has been made, our full fee will become payable. Changes are ‘like for like’ changes only and do not include further additions to the original Will such as a specialist Trust. If a specialist Trust is required and the relevant fee is paid, any future changes to the specialist Trust will be made at no cost. Storage may be cancelled at any time. Any unpaid or outstanding annual storage payments must be paid in full before your documents are returned to you.

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